Meet the Chicken Farmers; We are Farmers to Market


John Smith

John’s farm is located on the outskirts of the sleepy little town of Mullagh on the Cavan/Meath border. The Smith family have lived and farmed in the townland of Longfield since 1819. The farm is busy with a dairy and beef enterprise run alongside the free range chicken unit. John’s love of poultry comes from his mother who created a poultry cottage industry on the farm when John was a child. This proved invaluable as her young family was growing up. Today, John’s busy farm is kept a close eye on by his retired parents and his vibrant young sons. For John, the Farmers to Market brand reflects all that is good about his farm and all the care and attention that his family have gone to in order to supply the finest quality birds.


Charles Smith

Charles farms in the townland of Lislea near the town of Virginia, Co. Cavan. This farm was passed down to him from his late uncle, Charlie, who inherited it from his father, also known as Charles. He does not consider himself the owner of the farm, instead he sees himself as the guardian of this small holding for the next generation. He inherited a love of farming and all things rural from his parents. He is passionate about his farm business and is driven by the regard in which the consumer holds the produce his farm produces. He believes that consumers should receive the best quality every time they make a purchase and that the purchases should be seen as an investment in their health, which in turn drives happiness and general wellbeing. The brand Farmers to Market reflects all these qualities, thereby reflecting Charles’ passion for life.

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